Tuesday, April 08, 2008


It's been ages since I was last tagged, so I'm answering his one with great gusto! Thanks to Andrew for providing me with something to work with and killing my boredom.

The Rules:

a)The rules of the game are posted at the beginning
b)The blogger who gets tagged must answer the following questions about himself
c)After this has been accomplished, the blogger tags five more to answer the meme, and leaves a comment at their blog to answer it

1) What I was doing ten years ago:

8 April 1998 - Enjoying a trip to the beach in sunny Puerto Galera. I remember my little inflatable rubber boat got caught in a very powerful gust of wind, and I had to chase it for around 300 feet before I finally caught it. Then it got blown away again.

2) Five Things in My To-Do List

2.a) Get my grades from school (I got two B+'s! No A's, though :( )
2.b) Fetch my cousins
2.c) Clean my room, it's just an incredible mess
2.d) Read a book
2.e) Pray, and pray hard

3) Things I Would Do if I Were a Billionaire

3.a) Build the biggest church in the world, which I will personally furnish hahaha
3.b) Donate a significant sum to the Vatican
3.c) Build a resthouse near the Tubbataha Reef in Palawan
3.d) Build schools for the needy
3.e) Buy exceedingly rare books

4) Three of My Bad Habits

4.a) Pride (I can be a very arrogant person)
4.b) Lust/Impurity (Sadly, I can be very susceptible to the wiles of the flesh)
4.c) Backbiting (There was a time when all I could say about a person was gossip)

5) Five Places I Have Visited

5.a) The Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA (It was quite hot! I've never had bigger sweat stains in my life, LOL; but the view was incredible ['02])
5.b) Manhattan, New York, USA (We went to the Empire State building, FAO Schwarz, the Museum of Natural History, Liberty Island, and passed by the WTC [this was back in '00])
5.c) Panglao Island, Bohol, Philippines (some VERY beautiful beaches, great people, and I got to see Baclayon church, second oldest in the country ['07])
5.d) Victoria Peak, Hong Kong (I was with my siblings; we then proceeded to Ocean Park afterwards ['96])
5.e) Singapore (I've been to Singapore a lot of times, so much so that I've visited all the major sights there; also shopped at Orchard Road. I bought a pair of shoes ['05]).

I've been to a lot more places, but in the interest of time, I just listed the above off the top of my head.

6) Five Jobs I've Had

Hmm... This is difficult, since getting jobs while in HS here in the RP is an alien practice. But thankfully, I've had my fair share of experience.

6.a)Facilitator for a summer camp (entirely pro bono; '06)
6.b Assitant for my mom's business (an on-off thing; '04 to '05)
6.c)Part-time tutor (for some of the younger kids in school, but I saw this as voluntary work; '05)

7) Five Snacks I Enjoy

Though this category was not in Andrew's list, I've seen some versions of this meme that included this, so I might as well add it. Besides, snacks are awesome! Yum! (Be forewarned, though, that the things I'm about to list are unhealthy as fudge).

7.a) Chicharon (Fried, crispy pork rind, best enjoyed by dipping into spicy vinegar)
7.b) Toblerone (I really like it)
7.c) Smores ( A guilty pleasure)
7.d) Chocolate mousse cake (A favorite of mine since time immemorial!)
7.e) Mentos Spearmint (LOL)

I also want to try a snack called 'Filipinos', which are, apparently, a kind of biscuit in Spain. I hear they're terribly tasty. LOL.

8) Five Places I've Lived

I've lived in Quezon City, Manila, all my life. We have had three different houses, though, but always in the same city.

That's it. It took some time, but in the end, it was quite enjoyable, really. I tag the following people, should they choose to accept:

Arturo Vasquez of 'Reditus'
Jeffrey Smith of 'The Roving Medievalist'
Eegahinc of 'The B-Movie Catechism'
Ken of 'Hallowedground'
Mark Scott Abeln of 'Rome of the West'


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