Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Assumpta est Maria; gaudent angeli

Veni; coronaberis

No, I am not dead.

Perhaps it seems fitting that my latest update in this seemingly frsaken blog takes place on the feast of the Assumption of Mary, that glorious event in which all Catholics profess-- without question-- the entrance of the Blessed virgin into eternal beatitude, body and soul. Most Christians today, even Catholics, tend to underestimate Mary's role in the Christian community. We need only remember that it was Mary's 'Yes' that enabled the Incarnation of Our Lord to take place. One can just imagine the heavenly hosts gripped by suspense, seemingly spending an eternity within eternity awaiting her answer; and their subsequent exultation and jubilation at Our Lady's fiat. It only seems logical that this woman, most wondrous of God's creatures, should be assumed body and soul, permitting neither death nor weakness to stain her. As we celebrate Our Lady's glorious feast, let us be reminded of the eternal truth that we, too, someday shall have to face the judgment seat of Christ. There the just shall receive their heavenly reward, and the wicked shall be consigned to the flames of hell. May this feast of the Assumption open the flood gates of God's infinite graces, that we may someday also share everlasting happiness with Mary and all the saints.