About This Blog

A brief note on what this blog is about, and what it is not

Quite simply, this blog is the product of several years' worth of sustained inquiry and mulling into the nature of religion, with special regard to Catholicism. Writing has been part of my life for as long as I can remember; but why religion? Why focus on a topic that bears little to no resemblance to modern life as we know it? In all honesty, I am not entirely sure myself. Growing up, I was always thrown into an excited stage of religious avowal, whether in the form of my Evangelical relatives or my very much devout, knee-walking Catholic side of the family. I don't intend to ever claim that this blog speaks for the Church: I am just an amateur layman who perhaps happened to have a deeper "feel" for religion than most. Thus, this blog is not a mouthpiece for the Church; I believe that She can do so much better without my help, or for that matter, my meddling.

It is also worth noting that I write what I write here at the spur of the moment, most of the time. Understandably, some of the posts here may seem less focused than some; I liken this activity to throwing a boomerang into the air, and trying to catch it again, only the boomerang has, hopefully, become the clearer and sharper (and thus, the idea is "processed" of its saturation or excesses). As you may have noticed, this blog is not much for comments, but I don't really mind. At the end of the day, I think blogging is primarily an activity that helps me clarify my own thoughts. I do appreciate them, though.


Ивица Богосављевић said...


I stumbled upon your site by accident (I was looking for the translation of Bach's "Wir setzen uns in Trännen nieder).

You are a very honest writer, something which is uncommon this days, and your posts are insightful and related to everyday life, Christianity, God and men, although I am not Catholic and live on the other side of the world (in Serbia)

God bless you and keep up the good work!

Archistrategos said...

Thank you for your very kind words Ivica, I'm glad this blog was able to be of use to you! All the best to you in Serbia :)

keren grace said...

Hello. I am Keren from Center for Community Transformation (CCT). We would like to ask for your mailing address or email address. We intend to send you a formal letter requesting permission for our use of one of the images we found on your website.

Looking forward to your positive response. Thank you!

Ивица Богосављевић said...


No news from you lately. Why don't you write anymore?