Monday, May 22, 2006

Gotta get me one of these

Aside from matters religious and liturgical, I think it would surprise many to know that I am absolutely fascinated with melee weapons. That, and Godzilla movies. In particular, I have a thing for Southeast Asian/Indian melee weapons. I've been researching them for a couple of weeks now, and I have to say that I am very impressed at the genius and cleverness of their designs. There's literally an enchidrion of weapons, ranging from the more common [ like the talwar, kukri ] to the ram's horns used solely by Indian holy men [ they're forbidden from using common weapons ]. There is just something about them that beats any run of the mill gun any day of the week. Take, for example, the Indian Urumi, also known as the Chattuval.

Says Wikipedia:

The Urumi or Chuttuval is a long sword made of flexible steel, sharp enough to cut into flesh, but flexible enough to be rolled into a tight coil. It was used and still can be found in south India, and is one of the weapons learnt by practitioners of the martial art of Kalaripayattu. It was most popular in the North Malabar coast of Kerala State, India, and is often mentioned in the ballads of the region.

The sword is a flexible band of steel three-quarters to one inch in width, and long enough to reach from the fingertip of one hand to the finger tip of the other hand when the hands are held outstretched. . . Often there are Urumis with multiple belts on a single handle, which makes it more dangerous to the opponents and wielders alike.

Wow. Just wow. I really, really, and I mean REALLY have to get me one of these very soon!