Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Wir setzen uns mit Tränen nieder

Now is the Lord brought to his rest.
My Jesus, now good night!
The toil is o'er which all our sins have laid on him.
My Jesus, now good night!
O thou, most blessed body,

See how I weep with grief and sorrow for thee,
That thee my fall to such distress hath brought!
My Jesus, now good night!
Have all my life
For thy great passion countless thanks,
That thou my spirit's health such worth did pay.
My Jesus, now good night!

We lay ourselves with weeping prostrate
And cry to thee within the tomb:
Rest thou gently, gently rest!
Rest, O ye exhausted members!
This your tomb and this tombstone
Shall for ev'ry anguished conscience
Be a pillow of soft comfort
And the spirit's place of rest.
Most content, slumber here the eyes in rest.

- J.S. Bach, St. Matthew Passion

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