Saturday, May 12, 2007

Pope Pius XII

I have posted several pictures from Pope Pius XII's pontificate at my collection of images at Flickr. I scanned them from a book by Msgr. Pierre Pfister, who was the French canon at the Lateran basilica for much of that pontiff's reign. His book on Pius XII contains a wealth of photographs and interesting descriptions regarding the state of Catholicism in those halcyon days before the Council. I've posted twelve photos out of nearly eighty, and needless to say, I will try to post more in the following days. My scanner is acting a bit 'unwanted' lately, so I guess the rest will have to wait. You can view the photos here.

Also of note are Pius XII's words to a visiting group of English doctors in 1954:

"How exalted, how worthy of all honour is the character of your profession! The doctor has been appointed by God Himself (Cfr: Eccli. 38,1) to minister to the needs of suffering humanity. He who created that fever-consumed or mangled frame, now in your hands, Who loves it with an eternal love, confides to you the ennobling charge of restoring it to health. You will bring to the sick-room and the operating table something of the charity of God, of the love and tenderness of Christ, the Master Physician on soul and body.

That the blessing of the King of Kings may descend upon you and your works and all your dear ones and your beloved country and remain forever, is the wish and prayer that rise from Our affectionate heart."

This was written in the pope's own handwriting. As you can see, he was quite the poet. I will also try to scan this in the coming days. Enjoy!


Ken said...

Oohh, I'm soo jealous. Thanks though. I will now seek to procure that book post-haste.

Andrew said...

Is that a monstrance? Get out of here! That's what I call a monstrance! It rivals the one in Mother Angelica's Shrine.

I wonder how he's going to lift it for the Benediction...

BTW, I had wanted to post this but did not have the time.
The Congregation for the Causes of Saints has recently voted to propose that the Pope decree Pope Pius XII venerable.


Archistrategos said...


In Spanish dominated countries the custom is to place the monstrance on a processional platform, where it is either carried on the backs of several men or wheeled about in a carriage. A popular variation would also be to construct a sort of 'sedia gestatoria' with a table in front to place the monstrance. In this case, I would go for the former, as this ostensorium is simply TOO big. Haha. I hope you like the pictures!