Monday, June 25, 2007


Dear Readers,

I will be taking some time off from blogging starting Wednesday. It will probably be at least two to three weeks before I seiously update again. Rest assured, this break has nothing to do with depression or any of the sort; I am simply too tired and stressed out lately. I believe this has shown in the dearth of posts for the month of June. Additionally, school season has started here in this corner of the world, and with subjects like the dreaded Accounting 30 on the horizon... Let's just say it wouldn't do me good to be online most of the time. In the meantime, I will try to provide some anecdotes or even the occasional pictures during my absence. Until then, see you all!



Julie D. said...

Hope all goes well with those classes ... and I'll look forward to your return. :-)

Archistrategos said...

Thanks, Julie :) .

Biby Cletus said...

Hi, i just surfed in searching for interesting blogs on Spirituality, you have a cool blog. Do keep up the good work. I'll be back even though i live far from where you live. its nice to be able to see what people from across the world thinks.

Warm Regards from the Other Side of the Moon.

On a related note perhaps you might find the following link interesting. Its propossing a theory and i'll like to hear your take on the subject via comments. See ya...

Jesus an Essenes ?


Kerala, India

Andrew said...

Good luck, Miguel. Hope that the rest will do you some good.

I never quite understood accounting. It's all, well not quite Greek, but perhaps Tagalog, to me =)

Here's wishing you all the best in the new term and may St. Thomas Aquinas pray for you. I'm sure he had some trouble with accounting too.

God bless and do remember to drop me a comment once you're back!

Archistrategos said...

LOL, thanks Andrew!