Sunday, September 02, 2007

On Vacation

A brief note: I've been on an impromptu vacation since the 28th of August. My doctors say I am too stressed lately, and wisely advised me to take a break from school and all that jazz. So far, I've had on-the-spot road trips, a 'buttnumbathon' of cheesy Godzilla movies and old Vincent Price flicks, attended a party, shopped for new shoes, and practiced target shooting. It's strange, but I'm really feeling stressed at enjoying so much goodness right now-- but it's the kind of stress I would rather have than a six hour long accounting test, LOL. I'll be back by the 7th of September, and if you are in any way familiar with Filipino culture, by the time I'm back, I would probably be greeting everyone a Merry Christmas already.

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