Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

It is such a strange thing that the ineffable, the boundless, the Almighty, would choose to take on the veil of flesh, and trod the earth with His feet-- that the transcendent, the Uncreated would deign to walk amongst His own creation and live among them. What was once but dust and ashes has been hallowed beyond all belief, what was once fallen was restored to the high places, the humble are exalted and the proud cast upon their faces to pray unto the winds. The birth of Christ-- God emptying Himself of the vestiges of power-- becoming as one like us. It is an event to make the earth tremble and heaven itself to sway in its firmament, an event to shatter the halls of pandemonium and all of creation to quake. We can never truly know the mind of God, but He comes to us now in the form of a babe-- so tender, so fragile, so undeniably human. It boggles the mind just thinking about it.

Christ is born today for us, and He lies in a manger, wrapped in swaddling clothes. Glory to God in the high heavens! Let it resound from the lowest depths to the highest firmaments! Glory to Thee, O God, for Thou hast shown us Thy great mercy!


Andrew said...

Merry Christmas, Arch.

It is truly great and wonderful beyond comprehension for the Omnipotent Creator to take on flesh and it's limitations, for our sake and for our salvation. Truly, Deus caritas est, Ho Theos agape estin.

Eseban Falcionelli said...

Puer natus est nobis, Alelluia!. Desde la Argentina por la Tradición.
En Xto.,

Anonymous said...

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