Friday, May 23, 2008

Something Entertaining

The 80s. I'm glad I was born at the end of that ridiculous decade, hahahaha. 'Look around like a hound till you catch that fox!' LOL


EegahInc said...

My favorite thing about this (well, besides watching him struggle with that bow) is the fact that even in this apocalyptic environment everyone is showered, styled, and in full make-up. We had more than our share of faults in the 80s, but lack of cleanliness was definitely not one of them.

Archistrategos said...

I'm really impressed with how 'into it' the models are.. And those dance moves, simply to die for!

Rita said...

Yeuch! For some of us who grew up in the 80s, it was horrible, everyone took themselves so seriously and had such big shoulder pads and big hair.

Geeks (like me)had a rough time of it. If you didn't like Duran Duran or Culture Club you were ostracised. If you couldn't backcomb your hair and single handedly destroy the ozone layer with your hairspray, forget being invited to parties. If the dance moves and the pouting were beyond you, your "best friend" would never lend you her copy of "Smash Hits" so that you could memorise all the cheesy lyrics.

Woops, I'm rambling.