Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tying up with Life Magazine's photo archives has got to be the best thing that Google has done in awhile. I have spent the last couple of hours browsing through tons of photographs from the early, middle, and late twentieth century; as a history buff, I have to admit that I am giddy as a schoolboy. Searching for some photos of Old Manila, I came across the picture now displayed above. The photo in question depicts a typical scene in Quiapo church, home of the beloved Black Nazarene of Manila. As is evident in the photo, the whole of the nave is occupied by devotees of this image, and are crawling on their knees to venerate the statue. By so doing, they believe that their prayers and petitions will be granted them by the Lord. This photo was released in 1942, on the outbreak of the Philippines' war with Japan.

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ivan_enrile said...

So this was Quiapo Church before WW2? It looked more elegant, solemn, and classy as compared to its present tacky architecture inspired, I guess by Vatican 2. LOL