Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Akira Ifukube - Prayer for Peace

Ifukube wrote this piece for the first Godzilla movie, 'Gojira', in 1954. Whoeever said that monster movies are all bad should definitely see this movie-- there is stark poetry and somber grit in it that rival even Kurosawa's work (Ishiro Honda, who directed the film, was Kurosawa's best friend in real life). In the movie, this haunting tune was instrumental in Dr. Serizawa's decision to use the Oxygen Destroyer against Godzilla, and his ultimate, tragic death by his own hands to seal the secrets of his most terrible invention. The movie has definitely lef its mark on me.


Anonymous said...

'A conservative ... quirky and demented.' Hmmmmm. And '...incoming college student'? You must be a high school senior then. I suggest you look into the hard sciences when you do get to college. Maybe you'll begin to appreciate better movies and divest your mind of all superstition masquerading as religion.

Archistrategos said...

Yay!!! MY first troll!

Seriously though Mr. Anonymous, I'd appreciate it if you at least used your real name. And really, I'd rather be called superstitious than resource my theology to a blinking screen. Now, that's pathetic.