Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Altar of Cebu Cathedral, circa 1930s

The altar of the Cathedral of Cebu, as it appeared in the 1930s. Interestingly enough, this altar would be demolished in 1934, when Cebu was elevated to an archdiocese in the 1930s. Supposedly, Bishop Gabriel Reyes was responsible for the brand-spanking new, but vastly pared down, American style altar (that is to say, wedding cake Gothic) that replaced this one. The new altar was made of carrara marble, and if I remember correctly, had three stained glass windows above it. Currently, however, the Cebu cathedral is once again under renovation, and the present altar (long since changed from the Gothic one)will be replaced by a new, more classically-designed altar (reredos, actually-- in the Philippines they're interchangeable). The new reredos will come from Pampanga, a province known for producing classical and baroque inspired altarpieces.

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