Monday, June 28, 2010

El Gran Poder Attacked

One of the most popular images of Our Lord in Spain, Jesus del Gran Poder, aptly called the Lord of Seville, was physically attacked -- kicked off its pedestal, stomped, and having its right arm almost ripped off in the process by its deranged attacker. Supposedly, the man shouted 'I am the Son of God' when he assaulted the image of the Lord. My Spanish is not the best in the world, but you may read the pertinent articles here:

El Gran Poder atacado con violencia
El agresor del Gran Poder, al psiquiatrico por creerse <>

The image of El Gran Poder is four hundred years old, having been sculpted in the 17th century by the sculptor Juan de Mesa. It is perhaps the most venerated image of Our Lord in Seville and figures prominently in the processions of Good Friday. This execrable act of sacrilege has outraged Sevillanos, and in response, the Hermandad del Gram Poder organized, on Friday, an "extraordinario besamanos"-- an act of devotion common in Hispanic countries, wherein devotees line up to kiss the precious hands of Our Lord. Youtube has some videos of this event, where the line of devotees stretched well outside the church's grounds. Everyone, young and old, participated in the penitential act.

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