Sunday, December 19, 2010

Joseph, Haunted by Angels

 (Note: I have been very busy with school work as of late and have found little to no time to update this blog. I have also just taken my entrance exams for law school, so please pray for me that I may pass. Thanks! Also, I found this poem on a literary folio I picked up in school, and I thought I would share it with my readers)

Just when things begin
To settle down, be comfortable
I hear wings flapping
Outside my window

I have seen too many flaming swords
Pointed at foreign directions
Far from my patiently chiseled dreams
And carpentered ideas
Of how life should be.

My life is no longer my own.
Each time I carry the Child
Across yet another desert
I wonder if the journey will lead me
Back to the vineyards of home.

But now I am a stranger
Even to myself.
At night I dream
I am deadwood burning
In a holocaust fanned by angels' wings

Yearning to be ashes
Yearning to be dust
The carpet of sand
That shields two tiny feet
On the road to Calvary.

- Christine Lao

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