Sunday, April 03, 2011

First Mass in the Philippines

On 31 March 1521, the very first Mass was celebrated in the Philippines. By a remarkable coincidence, I spent much of that day in Manila's old district, Intramuros, where the four hundred year old church of San Agustin, the sole survivor of four centuries of earthquakes, other natural disasters, and a most lamentable war (the Second World War reduced Manila to a pitiable cinder, the second most devastated city in all the theaters of that War). Although the exact place of the Mass is still hotly debated today, what is true, even after the gulf of four hundred and ninety years, is that it set the course for the almost ineluctable Christianization of these islands. The photo above is a detail of the main portal of the Manila Cathedral, rebuilt in 1958 after being destroyed in the war, along with many other great churches. I'll try to share some of the other photos I shot, soon.


JD said...

Yes, some more photos would be lovely :)

Niko said...

May I use this photo?

Archistrategos said...

Dear (Fr?) Niko, yes, you may use the photo!

Vicente Calibo de Jesus said...

The prevailing view, affirmed by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines, is Limasawa Island in southern Leyte is where the "first mass" was held.

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