Sunday, July 31, 2011


My apologies to those who still follow this blog for the paucity of updates these past few days; I have been quite occupied with a lot of things, some more so than others. Chief amongst these concerns is my ongoing job hunt, which has taken on a snail's pace lately. I assure you that this is not chiefly my fault, as, for some unfortunate circumstance, the HR departments of the various firms to which I've applied have also exacerbated the process. Second, I am dealing with some personal issues-- nothing too serious, to be sure, mostly dealing with (it seems to me) a long delayed burnout with religious matters. Perhaps I've rebelled too late, as I've always done in the past; but I just can't focus on these things as much as before. Oh, and I am just really, really pissed off at too many things for my own good. The weather has been pretty drab in these parts ever since June came in, which might have something to do with it; but mostly, I find that I am angry at the overbearing monotony of this long wait, and the restlessness it has caused me. But as I've said-- these are not really matters to whine about.

On a totally unrelated note, here is a photo of the Holy Trinity as Three Persons depicted side by side; of obviously Latin American provenance, although this form of depicting the Godhead is not, was not, limited to that continent. It is the work of the Peruvian painter Gaspar Miguel de Berrio.

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