Monday, March 26, 2012


Work has been keeping me quite busy lately, and so I have had little to no time to blog, save for some sillier pursuits (oh, Tumblr...). It is Monday after Passiontide as I write this, and with barely a week to go before Holy Week comes, I humbly beg of the few readers still following this blog to say a quick prayer for me: for I am stretched to my limits, and am on the verge of losing 'It' Now, 'It' can mean many things, and in my case, it does, though it spans a wide and nebulous collation of somewhat disparate and disjointed things. 'It', in this case, is best defined as a semblance of normalcy; of status quo; of 'workability'.

Summer has come, and it is a strange mix of hot and sweltering days interspersed with dim and rainy and humid  ones. I sorely need a vacation!

Have a blessed Lent-- what remains of it, at least.