Saturday, December 08, 2007

Weird Emails

I don't know why, but I've been receiving strange emails from three individuals named 'God', 'Satan', and 'Teh Raptorzzz' for the past three days. The subject of the emails is almost always a variation or a play on a quote from Scripture (and really bad ones, too); for instance, the other day, one email's subject read: 'REPENT!!! The TYNE is at hand!!! WOOSH!'. Yes, the 'WOOSH!' part is real. The emails themselves are all blank, but contain a link to some site (I can't reproduce it here, since A) I have no idea what it is, and B) I have no control as to its content).

Has anyone else been troubled by similar occurrences? It's really getting quite annoying-- my Gmail, Yahoo and MSN accounts have all received these emails. Ah well. Time to get a new email address, mine's already getting old, anyway.


Andrew said...

Woosh indeed. My spam has mails like these. The misspellings are an attempt to outsmart the spam filter, and seeing as how they managed to get into your inbox, it looks like they succeeded =)

So...., what was your first impression upon receiving emails from such illustrious personages as God and Satan?

Archistrategos said...

I was sorely tempted to email 'God': Do you know why Jesus Your only-begotten Son is so rich? Because He saves!

As for Satan, who wants to have anything to do with that loser anyway? Hahahaha!