Friday, February 22, 2008

Oh My Gulay!

'Oh my vegetables!'

This is a picture of a truly gigantic 'processional' monstrance from the city of Seville in Spain. I say 'processional' because there's no way that could fit under the roof of a normal church-- but then again, I could be wrong, as many cathedrals in days past were built with titanic proportions. Do note the double halo/sunbursts and how it is virtually its own altar. The Blessed Sacrament has not yet been exposed.


Terzio said...


Forgive, but permíte a correction:

The photo is of the Monument-Reserve Eucharistic Holy Thursday in the Cathedral of Seville; front is the "step" Palio of Our Lady of Tears.

Monument-Reserve is a huge altar of silver, the late seventeenth century. At its heart is placed an Urn - Tabernacle gold for reserves of the Blessed Sacrament (distinguishes itself in the center of the altar table). Fraternities Easter go ahead and make station opposite the Monument / Reserve, which is the time shown in the photograph.

Sorry my english so wrong.

A greeting from priestly Seville.

+ T.

Andrew said...

Truly gigantinormongous!

Archistrategos said...

Thank you very much for your correction, Father!

Andrew said...

Wow... clerical visitors... you've made it big, Arch!

Archistrategos said...

thank you Andrew! I'm eagerly awaiting when it will be as big as that monstrance haha